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Hi, I’m a Chargie!

My battery lasts 24 hours. It gets charged when I travel from phone to phone.

Send me to someone before it runs out or I’ll die :(


How does the Chargies app work?

Once you install the app, you can can send a Chargie to anyone in your phonebook - if this person uses the app already, she will get a Chargie in the app, and if not, she will get an invite via text message.

Who are Chargies?

They are creatures that live on battery power. Their batteries get charged when they travel from phone to phone. When their batteries are empty, they die.

How long can I keep a Chargie on my phone?

The battery lasts 24 hrs; after that the Chargie will die. If you kill too many you will be locked out of the app.

Can I send anything else besides a Chargie?


Can I send a Chargie to an international number? Will I be charged for it?

Yes, you can and it’s completely free.

Which languages is the app available in?

English and Russian at launch. We will be translating it into many more languages shortly.

How many Chargies can I kill before I get kicked out of the app?


Why do you kick people out?

Because it’s not cool to kill Chargies.